Month: January 2019

Jan 31.

Reasons to rent a moving truck

Interestingly, we only find out how many things we have when we start packing them. And if you are planning ...

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Jan 30.

How to prepare your vehicle for storage

Storage is a very useful tool you should definitely have on your side during a relocation. It has various uses ...

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Jan 29.

How to pack household appliances

With the moving day coming up, your belongings need to be prepared for the move. Clothes, furniture, artwork, everything has ...

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Jan 28.

Tips for relocating a mobile storage unit

Moving has many forms. You can hire professional movers or complete the move yourself. Then, you can use a moving ...

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Jan 24.

How to prepare your family for moving abroad?

Leaving your whole life and moving abroad to a foreign country isn’t easy. You’ll have to plan even the smallest details if ...

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Jan 22.

Stand-up piano moving guide

A lot of people do not seem to realize that moving a piano is quite a precarious job. Some will ...

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Jan 21.

Guide for packing your home in a day

Very often, the packing process happens to be the longest and most exhausting part of moving. Seems that we have ...

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Jan 19.

Packing tips for seniors

Moving is a tough and stressful process. It’s not easy on the students and other youth groups, and even less ...

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Jan 17.

Short-term storage tips and tricks

You might be wondering “what even is short-term storage”? While not strictly defined, moving industry professionals would consider any storage ...

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Jan 16.

Moving tips for students

Move-in day can be quite stressful, especially for first-year students. It almost seems paradoxical, but one of the best times ...

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