10 mesmerizing US mountain towns to visit

Are you a fan of hiking? Then, for this summer holiday, you should go to a mountain, breathe some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. In addition to this, you can start slowly planning your winter vacation spot as well. For this reason, here are the top 10 mesmerizing US mountain towns to visit this year. 

Homer, Alaska 

the first of 10 US mountain towns you should visit is Homer. You will have to travel all the way to Alaska, but it is worth your time. Because of its location, it is easy to visit all of Alaska’s greatest natural assets from this town. Those include the following. 

You can explore these beautiful natural assets of this northern state while finding good accommodation in Homer. In addition to this, you can enjoy activities such as fishing and kayaking. 

alaska is a home to one of the best US mountain towns
Alaska has one of the most beautiful nature

Lake Tahoe, California 

A beautiful combination of mountains and water can be found near the Lake Tahoe. The area is divided into two parts, the North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. They are very different even though they are two parts of one lake. The south area is more upscale and urban. It has many casinos and popular tourist areas. On the other hand, the north part is more laid-back from its south counterpart. This is the town you should be interested in the most. You will find here the true spirit of mountains, complemented by a historic town and beautiful lake. The activities you can do in this town are endless, from all the mountain sports to water sports, you will have an abundance of fun. This might be one of the best cities for families in the US. 

US mountain towns – Eureka Springs, Arkansas  

Eureka Springs might not be a big town, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in the charm and ambiance. Instead of having typical bulky log cabins, this town has houses that are inspired by Victorian architecture. The whole town oozes with elegance and beauty. In addition to this, you have the Ozark Mountains as the stunning background. A perfect place to visit and relax from your everyday life. You might end up moving here because you become so enamored with the scenery. If that is the case, then hire reliable movers. 

Telluride, Colorado, 

A picturesque town surrounded by the San Juan Mountains is next one on the list of beautiful US mountain towns you need to visit. It is only six and a half drive away from Denver, which is the perfect vacation place if you live in the area. This town has a long history that dates back to early mining days. However, since then, it has become more modern, with many shops and cafes. No wonder millennials are leaving big cities since Telluride offers everything as the large cities and more.

Taos, New Mexico 

If you are looking for the most authentic ski destination, then go no further. Taos is home to Taos Ski Valley since it has the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range. Everything remained the same, from architecture to the spirit of this town. Among traditional buildings, you can find many restaurants, shops, museums, and so on. One of the most unique and interesting activities that you can do in this town would be llama trekking. 

US mountain towns: Whitefish, Montana 

Many people do not know about this place, but it deserves its place among the best US mountains towns. If you are a professional skier, then this mountain will pose a real challenge for you. However, even if you are not an expert on skiing, you can enjoy the natural beauty of this place. 

Asheville, North Carolina 

Asheville has become quite popular recently due to hipsters’ bars and many breweries. However, that is not the reason why it is one of the best US mountain towns. Asheville has the Blue Ridge Mountains, a beautiful and breathtaking part of the larger Appalachian Mountains range. Of course, you can visit all the interesting bars and restaurants, but do not forget to enjoy the view of the mountains while sipping your coffee and reading about traits of millennial-friendly cities.

mountain range during the day
Amazing scenery

US mountain towns: Deadwood, South Dakota 

Rich in history, Deadwood dates back to the discovery of gold. Since it has a long and interesting history, residents try to preserve the old spirit of this town. One of the attractive activities you can see in this town is the re-enactment of shootouts. You do not have to try hard to find one since they regularly perform it on the main street. In addition to this, you can go hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and fly fishing. 

Park City, Utah 

Park City has one of the country’s best ski destinations. You can go and stay at Park City Mountain Resort or Deer Valley Resort, two world-class ski resorts. In addition to this, it is quite easy to reach this place since Salt Lake City International Airport is only a quick drive away. If you want to see many famous actors and actresses, you can do it here as well. This town is home to the annual Sundance Film Festival. 

Park City is one of the most beautiful US mountain towns

Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

The last city to mention as one of the best US mountain towns is Gatlinburg. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an extremely popular destination for many tourists, and you can be one of them. In addition to this, there are so many activities that you can do here that you will never be bored. You can try fishing, horse riding, whitewater rafting, hiking and so on. After a long day of activities, you can go to one of many wineries and breweries to relax. 

Top 10 US mountain towns 

As you can see, all these cities are beautiful and deserve to be on this list. For this reason, pack your packs, and pick your destination. 

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